American Politics and Imperialism – Assignment Example

The paper "American Politics and Imperialism" is a wonderful example of a historical assignment. With two major parties in the United States, citizens of this country have been able to focus on the debate presented by the most prominent politicians they haven’t had to concern themselves with obscure arguments by third or fourth parties. What is great about America is the two parties have more or less alternated over the years. When one party gains power, they tend to go overboard, then the other party comes along and corrects them. Most minor political parties in the United State have been single issue parties concerned with a small idea and not something that would appeal to a broad audience. A good example of this is the Populist Party in the 19th century. This was mostly farmers who had an anti-trust policy. They hated monopolies and wanted more individual power. However, they didn’t get far. The party soon faded out. Having an empire meant the U.S. could extend its ideas of freedom and democracy around the world, for example to the Philippines. However, some people thought this was colonial and very expensive and thought it was bad.