American Films in the 1970s – Assignment Example

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The paper "American Films in the 1970s" is a perfect example of an assignment on history. It is a matter of dispute that whether the modern cinema is thematically rich or is it the parody of the films of the seventies? Butan overview of the films reveals that modern films lack the inner content and “ the 1990s, the 1970s are widely considered to have been a Golden Age of American film” (Best Films of the 1970s). The Seventies is generally regarded as a period of social upheaval that challenged American culture.

As it was an age t5hat filled with many social and cultural incidents, the cinema of that time was rich in theme, though not technically perfect comparing to the modern films. Main themes of the seventies include the Vietnam War, Watergate, nuclear accidents, American hostages in Iran, and so on. Regarding modern films in general, one is suspicious that whether they are justified in their presentations of social life? Another notable question that takes birth in the mind of an ordinary viewer is that why the modern films fail in the true portrayal of the real incidents?

If one morality in modern films, one can infer that most of the filmmakers are interested in twisting the historical incidents in their way and are motivated or focused only on the monetary benefit. One of the main features of the films of the 1970’ s was that they were director-driven films. The films of that time were they symbolic representation of the age, including popular films like, Jaws, Rocky, Getting Straight, Love Story, Dirty Harry, The Godfather, Deliverance, Enter the Dragon, The Exorcist, The Conversation, Taxi Driver, Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Saturday Night Fever, Kramer vs.

Kramer, and Apocalypse Now (Friedman, 2009). The cultural and the social development have exerted their predominant influence in the film industry. Was it not the change in the storytelling that brought in this field? It may be the lack of good themes or the features of the age that attract the attention of modern filmmakers in recreating or copying from the film of the seventies.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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