Development a New Security Plan – Assignment Example

The paper “Development a New Security Plan” is an exceptional example of an assignment on information technology.
The increasing cases of cyber crimes led to the introduction of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that has helped in designing cybersecurity guidelines aimed at providing critical infrastructure for protecting the cyberspace from any attack. The NIST cybersecurity framework provides means of measuring the possibility of cyber-attacks and their possible impacts. Therefore, the NIST helps in improving cyber resilience by providing mechanisms of realizing any cyber-attack and providing guidelines towards correcting the effects of the attack. In other words, it provides defense mechanisms of the anticipated cyber-attacks. Therefore, Vasiam College (VC) can use the same technology and mechanisms as illustrated in the table below to protect its cyberspace.

The NIST cybersecurity framework will help in identifying the underlying cyber threat. For the college, the most vital information is the student data that is within the administrative domain. Therefore, it would be vital that threats to such data are identified early enough before they materialize. For instance, if such threat is on the examination result data, such a threat should be cautioned before it occurs since if it leads to data loss are likely to disorient the college. Such data may be subjected to danger whenever studiers among other users share their login information. Nonetheless, the NIST cybersecurity framework will help in detecting threats and data recovery and subsequent proper protection mechanisms.

In adopting the above NIST guidelines in protecting the cyberspace, VC will maintain its Integrity in information management since its data will be protected from leakages thereby by increasing the organizational Confidence in its operation. Finally, since the organization’s data will be safe from deletion and any other interruption, its data will be Available at all times thereby increasing its efficiency in operation and service delivery to its service consumers.