Customer Is King – Assignment Example

The paper "Customer Is King" is a great example of a marketing assignment. This phrase is powerful. It focuses our attention on the real purpose of business. The business is there to meet the needs of the customer. The customer is the person or persons who by custom seek benefits from the business establishment. In the case of the article, the accountant leaves public accounting even though he continues in the field. In the past, we would hardly think of the worker as a customer. In this context, it is clear the worker is seeking to satisfy a need. The need (product) is suitable employment.
The phrase has changed over the years because business, in general, has recognized that the customer is anyone who can be served. The economies have become more complex. The customer used to be just the person who bought a product. The phrase change might be “the customer is always right”. The meaning is the same. The idea here is to give the impression that the customer is supreme. The idea of the change might have to do with the desire to not show a preference for sees. The word king, as opposed to the queen, recognizes the male. Most marketers think of the woman as the real decision maker this is especially true in the area of real-estate sales. It is obvious that the agent caters to the lady and the kitchen even when the husband is present at the showing of the home. It would not be wise to call her a “king”.
Businesses need to be constantly market-oriented or market focused. This means the business must have effective research. The research should include among other things the accurate awareness of the total needs of the customer. It would include the needs of the customer as the business relates to society. The need to be ethical is an important requirement. The business also needs to follow the requirements of the law. Today, the business must recognize that there is the reality of product economic substitute. There is the reality of added competition. This means that others are seeking to enter the market for the same customer. In some cases, the competing business will seek to offer a better product or service. In many other cases, the business will seek to change taste or behavior. This results in new or increased demands or markets. The added pressure is to be aware of the technology advances