Carl Sagans Cosmic Connection – Assignment Example

The paper "Carl Sagan’s Cosmic Connection" is an outstanding example of an assignment on environmental studies. Although numerous religious and philosophical interpretations have been given on the origin of the universe, as Carl Sagan states, “our vision and concepts are bound to one small part of the small planet earth” (Sagan, 1980). Carl Sagan is the first scientist who altered our vision of the origin of the universe and opened a new concept of human association with the other objects of the universe.
As he thinks, the present universe is the remnants of the past one, and even before that it was the potential of the core of a gigantic star. Several elements were synthesized in the core of the stars that led to the Great Explosion (Big Bang). All basic atomic substances were created within the star by fusion and were spewed into space. In other words, the explosion propelled similar atoms and molecules to the entire universe.
Scientist today believe that stars still emit numerous and huge quantities of the substances-the presence of which can be found everywhere in the universe. Obviously, these particles are also present in the human body. For instance, according to Sagan, (2000, p.190), the components like the iron, calcium, and carbon in our body were produced billions of years ago in the interior of a red giant star. Therefore, the presence of the same atoms indicates our close association with the star. Sagan agrees that the universe involves an incessant process of explosion and propulsion. Heavy atoms like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and silicon, and the large quantities of organic compounds floating in the interstellar space would turn to be new planets or stars (Sagan, 2000, p.190).