Accidents and Catastrophes Assessment Brief – Assignment Example

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The paper " Accidents and Catastrophes Assessment Brief" is a good example of an assignment on social science.   An accident is a specific unexpected or unusual external action which occurs in a particular time in a particular place, without any specific cause but effects very badly. It gives generally negative factors. It can’ t be prevented. The term accident describes an event that causes injury these injuries are preventable mostly. Catastrophes: An incident or event that is being caused by natural circumstances or natural factors. These are sometimes unpredictable. Classifications of accidents: The accidents can be classified as a dog bite, snakebite, auto motor injury.

Accidents can be caused while riding on a bike, driving a car, etc. Classification of catastrophes: These are of two types’ man-made and natural. Tornados: It is not uncommon. The conditions for a tornado are most expected between April and July. It causes destruction to man and their property. Interplanetary Impact: The impact on Earth of environmental activities which cause smoke an asteroid or comet only a few miles across would have devastating blast, tidal wave, and smoke effects. This will restrain humans in progressing. Cultural Decline: Humans fear that there will be a great collapse by crime and corruption and it will also affect our social lives. ..

Other humans fear that problems of class division, pollution, education, and infrastructure is leading to economic decline. These fears are unrevealed and unpredictable. Earthquakes: An earthquake is the result of a sudden movement of the earth’ s crust. This movement of the earth’ s crust is caused by the pressure within the crust as it undergoes strain and stress. It is also possible for volcanic activity to indirectly cause an earthquake. These are mostly occurred by volcano eruption or movement of earth layers.

These are unpredictable and cause destruction.     It causes worldwide depression. Los angels, Sanfransico, china and Pakistan, etc are the victims of earthquakes, Floods: A flood is the overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry. Most floods occur in spring when heavy rains and melting snow bring more water to streams and rivers than their channels can carry.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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