Ways to Combat the Abuse of Prescription Medication – Assignment Example

The paper "Ways to Combat the Abuse of Prescription Medication" is a wonderful example of an assignment on social science. Prescription drugs are supposed to be used according to doctors instructions. Failure to do this can lead to serious health problems or failure of the medication to succeed. Prescribed drugs are meant only for the person who has a medical condition that has been diagnosed by a medical doctor and not for any other person even if there are similarities in their illness. Drug use by another person other than the one intended amounts to drug abuse (Rod 2008 p 50). This essay is an evaluation of the abuse of prescribed medication and ways of combating the problem. Drugs could be useful if used by the right person and for the right purpose. It is most unfortunate that even with this knowledge, a significant number of people continue to misuse drugs knowingly or out of carelessness (Ramen 2006 p 64). It, therefore, calls for measures to be taken to control the habit and save the population from the dangers of this habit. It is the role of patients and personnel in health care to ensure that this objective is realized. The doctor or the pharmacist prescribing the drug should ensure that the patient understands the need to restrict the medication to the purpose intended by the prescription. This should go along with enlightening the patient on the dangers of misusing the medication either by taking more or less of the quantity prescribed (Rod 2008 p 44). The information given should be clear in order to reduce the possibility of confusing the patient. They should also ensure that the public is constantly enlightened on the drug abuse by providing workshops and advertisements that are against abuse of prescribed medication. The patient should ensure that prescription details are followed to the letter and also avoid sharing the medication with any other person even if their symptoms are similar. Buying drugs over the counter without a doctor’s prescription should also be avoided (Ramen 2006 p 72). The pharmacists should make a point of demanding for a doctor’s prescription before issuing drugs to the patients. The government should play the role of arresting and prosecuting illegal drug sellers who operate on the streets to reduce the ease of getting them so as to prevent and control addiction that may result from abusing prescribed medication. Patients, pharmacists and health care providing personnel have a role in preventing and solving the problem of abuse of prescribed medication. This is by ensuring that drugs are not accessible to patients through illegal channels that do not request for a prescription, patients follow the prescription details and the doctors ensuring that clear information is provided regarding the prescription.