Police Officers Are Exposed to Large Amounts of Stress at Work – Assignment Example

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The paper "Police Officers Are Exposed to Large Amounts of Stress at Work" is a great example of a psychology assignment. Previous studies have shown that police officers are exposed to large amounts of stress on the job. If one considers what police officers must view on a day to day basis, then that individual can understand the police officer’ s need to control his or her feelings or emotions. The control of these emotions, in order to handle stress, often leads to other forms of stress in the officer’ s lives.

These forms of stress include divorce, depression, and other psychological issues, along with increased stress overall in the family environment. Much of this is often contributed to the fact that most police officers must learn to withhold their feelings and emotions and work, and this often transfers into other areas of their lives as well. Since statistics demonstrate that this problem is only increasing, it is important to take a close look at what can be done to prevent this from becoming a universal problem. In this study, methods that can help solve these issues will be examined and proposed.

Ideas to help police officers balance and maintain their lives, as well as their daily stress, will be presented. Through an analysis of the various strategies that may help police officers deal with their stress, solutions and recommendations will be reached and discussed, and it is hoped that this literature will, therefore, help save the lives (as police officers have a higher rate of committing suicide of those in other jobs) as well as the marriages (police officers also have a higher divorce rate than most) of the men and women who sacrifice their lives to serve their communities.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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