A More Perfect Union Speech by President Obama in Philadelphia – Assignment Example

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The paper "A More Perfect Union Speech by President Obama in Philadelphia" is a perfect example of an assignment on politics. Barack Obama gives a general overview of the sad history of race relations in his speech by using several personal experiences. He speaks of the many injustices black Americans have endured over the years. He refers to slavery and Jim Crow laws specifically and connects this with issues that plague the black community, such as poverty and single parent families. He says that these problems and the source of the anger many blacks feel towards whites in America result from institutional segregation and discrimination.

Much of this explanation deals with the controversial things spoken by the Reverend Wright, who is Barack Obama's former pastor. Pastor Wright spoke passionately and angrily in several sermons where he blamed the problems in the black community on racist whites. He insinuated that all whites were racist in these speeches. Barack Obama attempted to explain the sources of Pastor Wrights anger, while clearly stating that he did not agree with the Pastors comments, but that he did understand the anger.

Barack Obama then explained how he understood why many white Americans felt that black Americans were complaining about nothing. He said that they came to this country within the last few generations, worked hard and made social and financial gains. They feel that no one helped them get where they were, and resent the fact that blacks seem to think that they should get special help. The future of race relations, according to Barack Obama lies in our ability to realize the dream the founding fathers had of making a more perfect union; a nation that will continue to improve through time.

This will be accomplished by a mutual understanding of the unique historical perspectives of each race and by personal trust and forgiveness.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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