5 Reflective Write-ups (psychology-sport) – Assignment Example

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Reflective Write-ups (Psychology-Sport)NameCourse Name and CodeInstructor’s NameDateSelect three long-term motivational strategies that you personally consider would be particularly effective on you and explain why for each strategy selected. Through motivation, there can be a great deal of improvement in performance. Motivation has been defined as the combination of one’s desires as well as energy, which are all directed in achieving a certain goal. In other words, it is what causes a certain action to be taken. In order to influence people’s motivation then it means to get them to do what you actually want them to do.

It should be noted that not all people are motivated by the same things to perform. This is whereby the issue of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation comes in. some people are motivated from within themselves while other have to be externally motivated through rewards and other things. In most cases an employee knows perfectly well what it takes to gave an excellent performance but still chooses not to give the best for reasons known best to him However, it has been discovered that it is the personal inherent problems rather than the challenges in the work place that interferes with ones ability to work and give better results.

These motivational personal problems ranges from the pressure in the family, lack of the understanding of the effects of behaviour to other people and personal conflicts. The following are the three long-term motivational strategies I have personally considered to be effective on me. Cognitive theory as a strategy is basically a conscious control of the thoughts. This is whereby I will consciously get motivated to do something.

My studies are for instance motivated by a personal and a willing decision. Another strategy is the Hull theory. Which is the motivation to ensure one meets his or her basic physiological like the need for food due to hunger, the thirst as well as the fatigue. My motivation and especially to always take the right food or a good balanced food will be motivated by this strategy. This will be helpful to me since whenever I will be thirsty, instead of taking unhealthy drinks I can always go for the healthiest.

Instead of taking sodas I can take milk or natural fruit juice. The last strategy will be based on the Skinner theory of motivation. This is whereby one ensures that no matter what his or her pursuit must be positive responses in life. In my life I will encounter all types of hardships but the best motivating way to look forward for a new day is having positive responses in life. When there is a crisis of finances, I will ensure that I keep a positive attitude. It is obvious that whatever any person does there can be a positive or a negative outcome but the best thing s to keep a positive expectation.

This will ensure that one never loses the will to try again and again irrespective of a probability for a negative outcome. This will save me the stresses and distress of life. Reflect on your score in the questionnaire, how the score relates to you, and share an example of the result and how you see the result lining up to how you react to competition.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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