Leadership and Business – Assignment Example

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The paper "Leadership and Business " is an outstanding example of an assignment on business. One of the most important features of leadership is its ability to provide direction and visualize the future. Anticipating the future challenges and designing strategies to practically tackle with them is what a leader often does. The relative change that has been brought by the new firms including Google and Yahoo indicate more openness wherein everyone is allowed to share the ideas before effective leadership can materialize such ideas into commercial success. Some of the important leaders in the contemporary business environment include Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who have been able to make a complete turnaround of their companies by imparting a more unique and open style of leadership.

Delegative style of leadership seems to suit most of the companies in the current environment of innovation and creativity as it allows employees and other stakeholders to become more involved in the process and become more creative and innovative. A business plan outlines the complete information about a potential business and how it is going to achieve its objectives.

One of the interesting aspects of an effective business plan is the identification of the target market and how it is going to be tapped through effective marketing strategies. A business plan provides very vivid details of how the firm will utilize different marketing techniques such as personal selling, advertisement etc. A business plan also outlines the financial aspects of the firm and how and from where the finance will be sourced for use in the day to day activities of the firm besides financing the capital expenditure.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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