20th-Century Architecture – Assignment Example

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The paper "20th-Century Architecture" is a worthy example of an assignment on architecture. In a life full of complexities, one needs a place to relax and be soothed with functionality and simplicity. That is how one feels upon entering a contemporary abode influenced by the Bauhaus style. The above is quite simple with its box-shaped floor plan allowing for a free-flowing movement from one area to another. The entryways are well-lit with open living areas set with floor-to-ceiling glass windows to take full advantage of the warm light and picturesque views.

These windows gave an illusion of space thus making the area look larger and more comfortable. There is no enclosed partition and doors between the living area, the dining area, and the kitchen to enhance mobility and spaciousness. Sleeping areas, including the toilet and bath, are the only areas with partitions and doors for privacy purposes. The walls are painted in white with no embellishments; even the window frames are plain. Minimal decorations with a burst of primary colors are used as accent pieces to alleviate the feeling of austereness.

Rectilinear lines are incorporated in the built-in cabinets and free-standing furniture pieces to show the utmost efficiency of movement. Polished stone floors will be used to further compliment the modern look of the abode. Through this modern yet simple design, the principles of Bauhaus have further exemplified that appearance is the result of performance, and aesthetic beauty is determined by function. Furthermore, a functional house gives comfort to the inhabitants, thus, putting a value to the house.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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