Developing Self-Learning Initiatives – Assignment Example

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The paper "Developing Self-Learning Initiatives" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. For the last two years, I have followed three main self-learning initiatives. These have enabled me not only to grow academically but also become a more self-actualized academician. The first self-learning initiative I took was part of my personal goals. These include publication of a children's book titled "Boos Favorite Thing". As a sign of interest in authorship, I managed to attend three book reading tours that took place here in Hong Kong and another in Nepal. To strengthen my goals of encouraging children who aim to be authors in the future, I have made it a habit to read at least one book a day on early childhood development, education, Christianity and other books of this nature. Since it has been my personal goal to penetrate the lifestyle of different communities, I joined the Dubai as well as Hong Kong marathons in a bid to interact with different people while testing my own limits in terms of strength. To forward my career goals as a business developer at Hong Kong University, I attended an eight-week entrepreneurship program that actually broadened my entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. On the same note, I attended leadership conferences in Malaysia, London and one here in Hong Kong. From these, I got inspiration and the urge to follow consistently my goals in life. More importantly, I learned ways to increase my personal strengths and to suppress my weaknesses which are essential for success in the dynamic business world. Last but not least, I took the initiative to grow spiritually. By taking mission trips to Nepal and Taiwan, I got to learn new perspectives on life. It is only by learning and incorporating different aspects that we learn in life that one can change their life for the better. By reading the Bible, I have developed a close relationship with God which have in turn enabled me to relate better to people.
I have set in mind the main factors that I consider to be my main motivation to develop my business career in the future. Education of children both here in Hong Kong, as well as any other part of the world, is imperative. Children need to be taught the essence of education in life and continuously be urged to learn. From this point of view, I have made it my motive to be a role model for my siblings and other children in general. I have always had a strong desire to serve than to be served. In my initiative to serve others, I figured out that I will not only be helping them gain the importance of education in today's society but it will also serve as a motivation for me to develop more in my career. Serving my country China has also been an important motivational factor for me to advance my career. With respect to this, I aim at reaching out to as many communities as there are in this country and sharing their life experiences. To perform best in all the working environments that I will find myself in future, I have also come up with a number of goals that will eventually help me develop in my career as an entrepreneur as well as a person. To begin with, I have made it my number one priority to serve the needs of others in all working places that am going to venture. In doing this, I reckon that it will be possible to relate with people in the various working circles the future holds for me while avoiding conflicts as much as possible. My most important motivation in both developing my career in the future and performing better in new environments have always been my goal to become a philanthropist in the future. 

My dream is to start a faith-based school in China. My career goal in the next two years besides taking this 24-month MBA program is to get to know China as much as possible. I’ve always been living in Hong Kong and been educated in the United States and its time for me to get to know my own country more. I currently work in a faith-based international school in Hong Kong. I am equipping myself, through my work, to learn about the educational side of starting schools. The MBA program will equip me with the essential skills on the business side to start schools in China. It is, for this reason, that I applied for this masters program in Business Administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. By majoring in Chinese Business, I feel that I will be a perfect candidate to establish a school enabling as many people from around the country to learn while giving back to society. To start a school big enough to serve the educational needs of a large group, I intend to use the financial help of various well-wishers such as donors, parents as well as volunteers in China. I also intend to use the Chinese equity market to supplement the large capital requirement for my project. On the same subject of education, I also aim at educating parents in China who didn't get a chance while young or were not financially equipped to access education at their time. I plan to do this by establishing a learning institution where parenting courses will be offered. This will effectively change the way parents bring up their children by instilling the psychological knowledge needed to shape the life of a child. To accomplish all these, I understand that I have to go through intensive training in Chinese business environment as well as behavioral decision-making courses to gain the skills necessary to start and run a business, in this case, the schools.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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