16 - 18 EPSOM ROAD BUILDING DESIGN – Assignment Example

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Site SurroundingThe surrounding area generally has residential buildings along Epsom road. The road can be accessed easily through several streets that link up with the road. Single and double storey residential buildings are located along the road and close to the building site. Recreational and social facilities are located on the western side of the site. This includes a park as well as a golf course. A route for cyclists is also located on the western side close to the Fairbairn Park. On the eastern side of the sites, there is a nursing home as well as a primary school.

This is mainly for the purposes of serving the needs of the residents. A Chinese home for the elderly is located on the northern side of the site. This is an indication that there are social facilities that are required to carter for the needs of the residents. A church is also located further on the north eastern side across Epsom road. Some commercial properties are located on the southern side as well as the eastern side of the building. This is mainly for the purposes of catering for the needs of the people.

The location of the site can therefore be considered as strategic since it is located close to most of the facilities that are required for different purposes. The land directly opposite to the site has a residential building. The area surrounding the site appears to have a medium density population. The number of people living in the residential areas appears to be relatively low. Parking spaces are also available along the Epsom road which plays an important in ensuring that the residents do not find difficulties when driving.

The site is spacious and it also has several large trees which may be uprooted. Neighborhood DescriptionThe neighbourhood is located close to Epsom Road which can be accessed easily. The building in the area is well established and is mainly residential. All trees are located at the site as well as at the surrounding which plays an important role in providing a space. The buildings surrounding the site have been designed using different architectural methods. All the buildings surrounding the site are well maintained with some being single storey and others being more than single storey.

The Victorians as well as the Edwardian architectural designs are visible in the neighbourhood. However, some of the building appears to be old and others appear new. Concrete pavements are visible in the areas surrounding the site and they are well maintained. Most of the houses are made of brick, concretes or building blocks while a few houses are made of wood. The information about the surrounding site is useful in terms of influencing the design as well as the materials that can be used during the construction process (Harris & McCaffer, 2013).

The roof style for most of the buildings surrounding the site includes the gabbed and hipped roof styles. All the buildings close to the site have a garden and well as a garage. In some of the residential areas, the garden is an important value that has to be maintained. The site surrounding appears to be unique and the design has to fit into the features and characteristics of the surrounding area.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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