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IntroductionDigital disruption is referred to as changes in digital technologies occurring at a pace that causes disruption in the established value creation ways, social interactions, our thinking generally, and ways of doing business. It can also refer to the new digital technological changes which occur and new versions of business models which usually affect the value proposition of the various existing goods and services too. On the other hand, IT strategy is the main component that is established to create a very competitive advantage over all sorts of competition (Thomond and Lettice, 2002).

The IT policy creates the difference between the success of a business and the failure of business. Any company which makes use of IT strategy runs its activities smoothly and therefore ends up being successful whereas any business that operates its operations without involving digital technologies may end up failing. Rapid increase in personal and work uses of mobile devices have led to an increment of digital disruption potential across many industries (Schmidt and Cohen, 2010). These have also caused disruption of media and entertainment industries on changes concerning how customers access the content being communicated by advertisers.

Digital disruption can be viewed as an opportunity for many business where the resulting innovation can be used to make the company products competitive in the market. It has been said to cause high inequality risks and dislocates labor and capital, as many organizations are becoming capital intensive. The essay is trying to explore the implications of the digital disruption on the information technology strategy (Hang, Chen and Subramian, 2010). This entails critical analysis of the literature that is relevant to the digital disruption and IT strategy.

The possible challenges that are likely to be faced by businesses due to the digital disruption are explored and conclusion relating to the effects of digital disruption on IT strategy provided. Critical analysisDigital disruptions do occur in different levels that can include disruptions concerning individual life. For instance, mobile connectivity can be taken to disrupt work-life boundaries that are established. Second, the digital disruptions can be regarding the work practices that can involve narrating work using microblogging in organization leading to change in the valuable work that counts in the organization (Christensen and Overdorf, 2000).

Third, digital disruptions to the practices of businesses where the change in technology van result in social media use in the workplace disrupting the way information is transfer in the company leading to changes in power relationships. The disruption can also take place in the structure of industry where the digitalization of processes can disrupt production process, delivery, and value chains. Lastly, disruptions can be to the social systems where the increased use of the social media can cause disruptions to the traditional practices.

Digital disruptions can be associated with the efforts that are geared towards realizing efficiency in operations. The advancements in technology have been contributing a lot in the digital disruptions as organizations are using the technologies to enhance their performance and realize efficiency (Klenner, Hüsig and Dowling, 2013). Many organizations are working toward achieving competitive advantages in eth market by coming up with innovative strategies that can make their products competitive. As a result, the companies operating in competitive market are using technology leading to disruption in the way of operations.

For instance, organizations that are working towards achieving cost advantages tend to use technology in achieving efficiency.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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