Critical Issues For Teacher Leadership – Assignment Example

The paper "Critical Issues For Teacher Leadership" is an exceptional example of an educational assignment. The teacher in the case study had to deal with several critical issues in the course of her work. 
1. Handling workload
Teacher Debra Rose Howell has to deal with an increased workload due to the increase in the number of fellow teachers who have changed to other schools or changed to new jobs altogether. Some members of the staff are set o go for leaves which is likely to increase the workload for the teacher in question. 
2. Building and sustaining commitment to change
This challenge arises when a school has to experience a change in its teaching staff, the manner of operation or geographical change. In the case study, the school has a new principal who has come up with new strategies and manner of operation.
3. Defining roles and responsibilities
4. Dealing with resistance
This is evident in the manner in which she has to handle new employees and the old ones who are less concerned about meetings. They tend to leave early or arrive late for the meeting. Others choose not to attend meetings at all as a sign of rebellion. Some engaged in gossiping as well as failing to carry out their duties as required. 
Advice to the teacher
The teacher needs to come up with strategies aimed at curbing rebellion arising from other employees and non-teaching staffs. She needs to increase the number of committed employees in the school so as to reduce the workload building a culture of commitment among them. Among the issues that I am likely to face in my project are establishment and maintenance of credibility, building support among the administrators as well as advocating for the cause of others.