1-Smart Ticketing.2-Computing For The Future – Assignment Example

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Smart Ticketing and computing for the futureAbstractThe paper looks at two emerging technologies. The two emerging technologies that the paper addresses are smart ticketing and computing for the future. The first section of the paper deals with smart ticketing. The term smart ticketing is defined. This technology is briefly examined, although not in detail. The impacts of smart ticketing on business are explored. These include impacts like the streamlining of administration in business. Impacts like plunging company leaks and reducing clogging are examined in depth. The reductions of costs among other benefits are examined in relation to business.

The impacts of smart ticketing to society are also examined. These include impacts like control of congestion, security of smart cardholders and control of pollution. Many other effects are explored and reported. The other emergent technology, computing for the future, is examined. The two technologies that come with this emerging technology are explored. The two are grid computing and cloud computing. The two technologies are distinguished. The paper then concentrates on cloud computing. This is because cloud computing is edging out grid computing. The impacts of cloud computing in business are examined.

These include the minimization of costs due to reduction of capital expenditures among other impacts. The impact of cloud computing on society is also examined. The conclusion is a call for the quick implementation of smart ticketing. IntroductionThe world of technology has transformed the way of life in society. Technological advances have ushered the world into an era of unprecedented comfortability. The world of technology has not rested on its laurels. Emerging technologies continue to light up the world on a day to day basis.

Some of the emerging technologies that are shaping business and transforming society are smart ticketing, and computing for the future. Smart ticketing is a means of intelligent ticketing that solves the problem of acquisition of tickets (Fujimura & Nakajima, 2004). It is mostly used for mass transit. Smart ticketing has other applications in library registration, membership in clubs and car hire services among other functions. The society and the business world have experienced the impacts of smart ticketing. Entrepreneurs can get paid in advance, while Smart ticketing affords society secure tickets that cannot be counterfeited.

Computing for the future comes in two forms of applications. These are grid computing and cloud computing. Grid computing is the earlier version of computing for the future. Cloud computing is the newest form of computing for the future and it is also the computing for the future that is mostly used (Bernstein, 2009). Smart ticketing is a low cost form of contactless ticketing for mass transit among other functions. This form of intelligent ticketing is enabled by advances in computer technology. The smart card can be recharged countless times (David, 2006).

It is one of the emergent technologies that have not fully been integrated into the society. Some companies have already embraced this emerging technology. Plans are in the pipeline in countries like the UK to nationalize the smart ticketing project. Smart ticketing are revolutionizing businesses, and society. The paper is going to look at the benefits to business and society.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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