A Popularity Index of a Student in High School as an Early Indicator of What the Future Holds for Them – Article Example

Insert One Never Leaves High school High school life is defined by an environmental setup that is probably not one of the best. The adolescents taking their education in high school are subjects of aggression, shame and isolation. Many wonder who is to blame for such a harrowing life that students should pursue their education. The students in high school are not mature emotionally yet they are exposed to the public of pure strangers. People attest to the ugly life with reactions of reflexes that trapped, shaped and misshaped them as they endeavored with their high school education.
Life after high school in all manner and perspectives are not any different. In fact, high school is the introductory statement to the ugliness and strangeness of the people we meet out there. People encounter hash bosses, irresponsible colleagues, uncaring relatives and greedy leaders. Rarely do people meet angels who treat them with specialty they deserve. Ironically, those we know and relate are the source of afflictions in the world. On the other hand, people are at the mercy of strangers who for some reasons are the source of most peoples’ progress (New York Times and Politics 1).
In high school, probably for the first time one meets people descending from different tribes, race and religion. In addition, they are left alone to take care of their welfare in a school setup far away from home. When the patches are brought together, the outcome is the whole picture, which portrays the entire life a human being has to live. For a successful or ruined life, high school life should accompany anybody wherever they will go. It will help one amicably associate with strangers, plan their lives and achieve their desired goals.
Research has shown that students who are identified as leaders during this period and their life re-examined thirty years later, most have ended up in bigger leadership positions. On the other hand, a popularity index of a student in high school is an early indicator of what the future holds for them. It is at this high school stage that people start exhibiting their true nature’ their openness, their demeanor, agreeability, extroversion, leadership and success (New York Times and Politics 1).
The life of an individual from birth to their last day on earth is pegged on a survival for the fittest. It is intense at the high school level. At this stage, people master the art of socialization, how to play the game and importantly survive. For any chances of depression suffered through high school, the same has been found to be replicated in the future. They might have weird episodes of romantic life, non-holding friendships and in-competencies in what they undertake.
High school life sometimes comes as a lure to most when one does not start living their life. Coming from varying background women are most affected by the social class factor. Some regard themselves princess when they feel they come from wealthy homes (New York Times and Politics 1). They have a feeling that they need recognition. On the other hand, other girls life whoever they are, work hard to gain recognition and never boast of what they have. Normally they are bright and come first in the exams and not socially. The episodes shift when real life beyond thirty dawns on the princess, when they cannot depend on their father anymore. The brainy girls find it easier to navigate their ways around because during their high school they cultivated the art.
Social media probably have many pages for high school mate than any other institution. They are active compared to other pages. Organized events in the name of high school alumni become successful because the school inscribed stripes on the lives of all who go through. Facebook was derived from a book signed by high school mates for their remembrance when they leave school upon completion. All aspects of life at any stage draws its origin to the high school one took education. People come of age in the same level and decide to shape their destiny and so they live by it (New York Times and Politics 1).
In conclusion, research shows that brain capacity is high during adolescence. At the same stage majority of people are in their high school. The energy directed towards shaping the state of mind then, go along way into the future. Congress meetings are full of strangers. In a job, market people we meet are pure strangers yet we have to trust them. Social aspects of the people living in it hold the society together. The mastery of the socialization techniques at high school, the grades achieved, the leadership skills acquired and the friendship acquired. The stage in a life determinant.
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