Which Cultural Values Matter To Business Process Management – Article Example

The paper "Which Cultural Values Matter To Business Process Management?" is a great example of a business article review.
According to the article, sustainability is the ability of a business organization to fully engage its production factors in the short run and hence maximize its profit, and making sure that the company will meet its future goals and objectives, Hightower (2008). In this case, the management makes strategic decisions that are intended to ensure availability of the factors of production for the future generations. It is important to note that all efforts that we put today in our organizations are rewarded in the future. As such, it is important to make correct decisions today so that we do not limit future choices. In addition, it is notable that most of the resources used in business are exhaustible. As such, it is important to make sustainable decisions to make sure that the business will have sufficient resources for normal operations
There are various steps that the management can take to ensure that its operations are sustainable. The management should ensure that their vision is in line with a sustainable future. In this case, all values, priorities, and preferences should reflect the direction that the company wants to move. The strategic decision-making process requires to be aligned with the vision and futures goals and objectives that are sustainable in the future. Further, the organization’s culture and norms should reflect the direction that the company intends to take. As such, each and every employee should be equipped with the goals and objectives of the company so that all effort can be concentrated on achieving a sustainable future. Lastly, the company should undertake various initiatives that are geared towards achieving a sustainable future. A good example of a sustainable initiative is carrying out research to find out the level of activities that will make sure that the company will still exist after a very long time.