What Will Future Jobs Look Like – Article Example

The paper “What Will Future Jobs Look Like?” is an exceptional example of an article review on information technology.
I believe that the machine age is upon us and will further foster inequality. According to Andrew McFee, in his 2013 talk titled,” what future jobs will look like”, more and more jobs will be automated thus rendering millions of people jobless. He cites examples of cars that are going to very quickly drive themselves, reducing the number of truck drivers. People are going to hook Siri up to Watson thus automating a lot of the work that is currently carried out by troubleshooters and customer service reps as well as taking R2D2, painting him orange making him carry shelves around warehouses, meaning that we will need lesser people to walk up and down the aisles. This, therefore, is not science fiction but is the future trend of the way things are going to be done. Andrew and his co-author Erik, are foreseeing a world in which there is going to be more and more technology but fewer and fewer jobs leading to a few individuals (in Silicon Valley) filthy rich and the masses very poor, something that will further foster inequality (Brynjolfsson & McFee, 2014).
Question 2-The machine age is likely to change the nature of IT jobs in organizations in that, development in the IT discipline will, for instance, lead to microprocessors supporting immediate speech recognition as well as translation. Thus robotics and artificial intelligence are most likely to become further advanced. This, therefore, means that the utilization of extra intelligent robotics in manufacturing will definitely aid the capability to rapidly reconfigure machines in the production of prototypes as well as new production runs, having implications for manufacturing inventories and logistics. More advances in technology are anticipated to raise demand for a workforce that is highly skilled, supports high growth in productivity as well as changes the nature of employment relationships together with the way the business is organized. Thus for one to have IT job, s/he must be highly skilled as well as specialized so as to fit in and blend with the given environment of machine age(Brynjolfsson & McFee,2014).