What Is The Best Way To Educate Our Children – Article Example

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Task 3 Beginning a List of Relevant InformationFor task 3, the original paper submitted for task 1 was reflectively evaluated against the light of eight other essays taken from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center and using the guidelines for this task. The eight essays chosen for task 3 are the ff: Computer-assisted education benefits young children by The Children's PartnershipComputer-assisted education can undermine serious study by Joanne K. Olson and Michael P. Clough (p. 10) (p. 17)Computers can make students more interested in learning by Leslie Bennetts (p. 26)Incompetent teachers harm public education Thomas Sowell (p. 52)Low expectations hamper public education by James White (p. 56)Home schooling is a viable alternative to public education by Isabel Lyman (p. 46)Character Education will likely Fail (p. 1) byThomas J.

Lasley IICharter Schools are beneficial (p. 5) Jeff JacobyThese essays represent different point of views, approaches and emphasis as regards to claims of the deteriorating quality of education in the United States, the possible reasons or its deterioration and what could be done to arrest this observed trend. 3A: Restate the problem in your own words (understanding & advanced insight on the problem)The phrasing of the problem given focused on the essay written for task 1 is “What is the best way to educate our children? ” which was restated as “How can the current quality of education in the United States be improved? ” The restatement refers to a more concrete description of the educational problem in the US.

It may be argued that the deteriorating trend has been observed and has since then been the subject of numerous researches and articles from government agencies, academic institutions, non-government organizations and individuals who registered their concerns and even prescriptions on how to deal with this deteriorating trends. By focusing on “how to improve quality” it is expected that it would generate more specific answers than “what is the best way to educate” which tends to be open ended and subjective.

The best way, for example could be to “send the children to Europe” and this could be defended as well with other answers like “send the teachers to Tibet” which again could be a valid proposition. 3B: List at least three sub-problems or questionsThe “how to” question could provoke other questions, such as, first, what aspect of the education is specifically deteriorating?

In particular what are the causes of this deterioration? Some authors suggest deterioration in values. Lasley however argued that values could not be reasonably be taught even if incorporated in school curriculum. The apparent increase in discipline and student responsibility problems according to Lasley is a result of the values that are communicated by a student’s social environment. He posits, just like what Aristotle said, that values are caught, they are not taught. Thus, the teaching of values in school curriculum tries to remedy the dilemma but social learning will overshadow this.

Thus, in Lasley’s example, he cited that it is all too difficult to teach concepts of responsibility when the attitude peddled by the mass media, the television in particular is “if it feels good, then do it. ” < Dissonance>

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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