Xiaomi Overtakes Samsung In China Smartphone Market – Article Example

The paper "Xiaomi Overtakes Samsung In China Smartphone Market" is a good example of a marketing article review.
The Wall Street Article used is Eva Dou’s “Xiaomi Overtakes Samsung in China Smartphone Market”. This article touches on recent marketing trends in the Smartphone market in China. According to the article, the Chinese Smartphone firm became the top-selling vendor in China, in July 2014. The shipment of these phones exceeded Samsung’s shipment in the second financial quarter. Xiaomi’s China smartphone shipments represented 14 percent of the market share (Dou, 2014). The author of the article notes that the Xiaomi smartphones were able to overtake Samsung because the firm targeted its customers. Additionally, the aggressive pricing of the product contributed to its success in the Chinese market.
This article will have an impact on the industry and parties involved. Expectedly, Samsung and other smartphone makers such as Apple, Lenovo, and Nokia will respond to the market trend. Xiaomi’s success in the market can be attributed to its use of the mix marketing strategy and online marketing (Dou, 2014). This article will lead to an exploration of the smartphone market in the Chinese and global market. These explorations will be motivated by the fact that one of the major smartphone markets in the world has experienced tremendous changes in its market share.
In the future, smartphone analysts will be required to involve smartphone makers in their market analysis. This will help in authenticating information on market trends. In the future, industry analysts will focus on providing information on the most popular smartphone brands and the factors that led to their popularity. Additionally, competitors may try to hide information about their markets in order to avoid instances where they are shown to be underperforming. The author of the article seems to portray Samsung and other manufacturers as underperformers in the Chinese market. The analysis of smartphone markets may also change to include technological, political, social, and economic factors.