University Of California CoBIT 4.1 Analysis – Article Example

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Successful organizations including educational institutes and universities understand the benefits and advantages of information technology (IT) through the maintenance and manipulation of this knowledge for their specific usage. Many of the businesses are associated with the safe and authentic utilization of the information and to get benefit in favor of all the stakeholders as on win- win basis. All these exercises are used with a primary objective in mind that is to drive their shareholders’ value in perfect manner. They have recognized the critical dependence of the organizations on the usage of information technology in a safe and secure mechanism for many of their business processes as are depending on IT for their effective disposal.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has adopted an IT security plan for ensuring a safe and undiluted data for the execution of its business as to fulfill the objectives of the University. The security plan is primarily used by the organization for the preservation and promotion of the organizational culture as on IT oriented basis, to secure the interests of all the stakeholders including that of the academicians, scholars, students and other related organizations, for making and completing the planning tasks as on timely basis, educating the participants with a clear cut role to each member of the organization with an effective communication strategy (1).

The objectives as are associated with the successful adoption of the IT security plan by UCLA is an effort to fulfill all the four domains and thirty four control objectives as are included in the checklist of CoBIT 4.1 and the procedures and mechanisms as used by the organization and are the guiding principles for designing and implementation of an effective IT security plan.

The strategy as adopted by the UCLA is in a position that may be replicated by any other similar organization with minor adjustments as may be adjusted to achieve the objectives and mission of the organizations. The organizations like UCLA are successfully implementing their plans as in accordance with the guidelines as are included in the CoBIT 4.1. The four main domains as covered in the CoBIT 4.1 are listed as under: (a)Plan and Organize--- the UCLA has prepared its IT security plan for the effective utilization of relevant data in the shape of an organized plan so as to benefit from the authenticity and accuracy of the data with the utilization of all the available human and technological resources as on economical basis.

The University has adopted a modern approach so as to acquire latest technology and knowledge for the storage and manipulation of the relevant data. The University has used a wireless technology so as to make an effective plan and to utilize the same for the benefit of all the stakeholders as on competitive basis.

The strategy as adopted by the organization is a model for all other similar organizations and provides an authentic strategy for other similar organization in the field of instructions and education (2). (b)Acquire and Implement--- the strategy as to benefit the organization with the implementation of the acquired strategy with all its details and segments. The University has adopted a strategy to enhance the capacity of all the stakeholders as to benefit from the implementation of the strategy as on competitive basis.

The strategy as used by the UCLA includes benefits as it provides an effective and authentic data for its further utilization and manipulation as required by the top management of the University(3).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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