National Security State by David Cole – Article Example

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The paper "National Security State by David Cole" is a good example of a politics article. Although it is our political imperative to act within the ideals of our nation, it seems that fighting our enemies has, in fact, made us tread on those very things we hold true. It is a combination of government actions that have eroded our belief in what good government is. The more we fight evil, the more evil we become. What political violence has succeeded in change is how we practice our own governmental ideals, but many people are reluctant to speak against it.

The Patriot Act imposes guilt and renders sanctions on people for nonviolent associational activity on behalf of any organization the Secretary of State deemed as connected to terrorism. It authorizes the detention of aliens indefinitely on mere suspicion with no hearing. The INS has conducted surreptitious immigration actions unbeknownst to anyone. The Patriot Act also authorizes undisclosed wiretaps and secret searches without probable cause. That is not to mention the institutionalization of ethnic profiling. The Justice Department has instructed law enforcement agents across the country to investigate immigrants based solely on age, gender and country of origin.

So this is what we’ ve come to: fear of free speech, forbidding of peaceful association, ruining due process, secret proceedings, invasion of privacy, and ethnic profiling. A combination of government actions is eroding our way of life. Our imperative is to act within the ideals of our nation. It seems the more we fight evil, the more we tread on what is good. Is this the benign government they taught us about in grade school?

These measures are motivating many to seek better places to live. Holland might be nice this time of year.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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