Science, Technology, and Innovation Management – Article Example

The paper "Science, Technology, and Innovation Management" is a great example of a management article review.
Adriana Bin accentuates the need to include science, technology, and innovation (ST & I) in the management of any business entity. This will enable an organization to be cognizant with the new fluctuations relating to the production of goods and services thus producing products and/or services that best fit customer’s, needs, tastes, and preferences. Moreover, the article indicates that managers must gain the inordinate knowledge required to formulate and implement databases that will enable an organization to perform effectively and efficiently thus meeting the dynamics of the marketplace. The article also proposes worthwhile methods that are vital for managers in dealing with the challenges of innovation and implementation of new systems of management. Use of Technology in the management process helps expand the economies of scale of business as it enables the management to reconnoiter a variety of market opportunities using services such as the internet and youtube. This increases the organization’s sales and eventually its revenues. Moreover, the article pinpoints the essential elements associated with the economies and complexity of organizational management and culture.
My choice of Adriana’s article on ST & I was influenced by the fact that it closely relates and further expands what Bidgoli covers in chapter 12 where the prevailing idea is that for an organization to thrive in the current competitive world, it must incorporate effective systems into its operations. Through the article, I learned and realized why many organizations including Samsung, Wal-Mart, and several banks utilize technology to make special decisions concerning employee benefit schemes, production capacity, operational costs, and implement strategies that protect the organization from the adversities prevalent in the business world. Outstandingly, I learned that the level of information systems and innovativeness in an organization determines an organization’s efficiency, productivity, and overall profitability.