Topic: Organisational Structure And Nursing Leadership/management – Article Example

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IntroductionNursing is a very complicated undertaking and profession which call for sound leadership and management principles and more especially if it is within a hospital environment. Leadership and management in a health care organization entail the interaction, understanding and accepting that we get sick and there should be some form of care. The practices within this organization are that there is a sense of restraint, logical approach, and creativity based on interactions with communities, families, and personalities. Leadership and management are therefore very important in this organization for effective running of processes.

As Groham-Murray and DiCroce put it, there is no success in an organization without the blessings of a good leader that comes in terms of restructuring, guiding, and solving problem within the organization. This essay will therefore examine the aspect of organizational leadership, management, structure, organization and management theories, organizational characteristics, types and overall practices in a hospital setting. It will look into the leadership practices within a health care environment and how it actually affects service provision. Thesis statementLeadership in every organization is crucial for maintaining a health organizational culture within it.

It involves how people are directed to perform specific tasks within the organization and this can be done if the following aspects of the individuals are influenced; individual dynamics, motivation, discipline and teamwork. Good leaders are hence good learners within the organizationScope of the problemThere has been a proposition that made people believe that leading comes directly from those in power and especially the rich in every organization and that is the origin of many tribulations. This is just but a mere hypothesis that has not been proved in any way but leadership as a concept can be provided by any individual who provides guidance, information and suggestion on the way things can be handled within the organization.

Since decision making processes usually lie on the shoulders of mangers and directors within the organization, there is need to have an inclusive process that permits all individuals within the organization to make their contribution. (Lawrence & Lorsch, 1976)Management practices by the managers are responsible for monitoring the results of any event and thus can make any improvement or modification if there is need for it.

This organization can employ internal auditors to check the financial statements of the organization and verify if there is any misappropriation of resources. Nursing managers can also determine how the productivity of the nurses within this organization can be achieved especially by scrutinizing the efficiency of personnel through their actual output for example; each member of staff in the hospital may be required to ensure that there is sanity in where he or he works. It is therefore paramount that any organization employs various strategies and approaches in order to have things done the way it should be done.

(Lawrence & Lorsch, 1976)Organizational chart for this organizationMission statement for this organizationThe mission of this organization is to deliver affordable, effective, and universal nursing care to all people especially those people whose welfare needs have been neglected for a long time by the society and the government.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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