The Living Tree of Nursing Theories by Ingalls and Tourville – Article Example

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The paper "The Living Tree of Nursing Theories by Ingalls and Tourville" is an exceptional example of an article review on nursing. It is a fact that nursing is one of the professions that has been characterized by developments and improvement over time. Research indicates that this has been possible due to rapid scientific discoveries that have been made over time, specifically in the nursing field (International Council of Nurses, 2014). However, improvements made in the nursing field are usually undertaken by different individuals, with varying medical knowledge leading to a scenario of varying concepts of nursing.

One of these major concepts is the meta-paradigm nursing concept, developed by Karen Ingalls and Charlotte Tourville. According to Ingalls and Tourville (2003), the corpus of the Living Tree of Nursing Theories entails a developing, inter-related as well as inter-dependent tree with historical value and great meaning. The tree is made of four meta-paradigm roots, which are; environment, health, person and nursing (Tourville & Ingalls, 2003). The International Council of Nurses (2014) posits that the corpus of nursing entails a participatory and autonomous provision of care to persons of different ages, communities, and families.

In addition, nursing also involves activities geared towards promoting health, disease prevention, provision of care to the sick and disabled. Moreover, advocacy, environmental conservation efforts, research, formulation of health policies, education and health system management, are pertinent roles of nurses that define the nursing concept (International Council of Nurses, 2014). On a personal basis as an ER nurse practitioner, this position involves the provision of proper care to patients facing critical health phases through a process of participation between the nurse and the patient, who are to be diagnosed and the causes of their health challenge be identified.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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