Democracy in China and India – Article Example

The paper "Democracy in China and India" is an excellent example of a business essay. Yasheng Huang makes an economic argument for democracy in China and India. He explains that China has grown at a rate that is twice that of India in the last few years. The economic growth of China and it's being ahead of India has significantly been contributed by the level of economic growth of the capital cities, Mumbai and Shanghai (Huang). Yasheng’s argument is that economic growth is a contribution by both the government and the people. Individuals and governments need to work closely together in order for economic growth to be realized. In other words, economic growth is either enhanced or hindered by democracy. Hans Rosling tries to compare Asia with the rest of the world with the argument that Asia may surpass the rest of the world at some past in the future. Hans, in his speech, believes that the Asia education system is better than the Western system because students take their academic roles and assignments more seriously (Rosling). He anticipates seeing Asia at the top of the global economic development in the future. The narrator anticipates a time in the future when Asia will be equivalent to the UK and other global economic giants. In my opinion, Yasheng Huang is the most compelling. The comparison made between India and China is justified with facts and aspects of economic growth in the China and India. However, Hans Rosling’s speech is not compelling because; based on the present economic status of Asia and the rate of global economic growth, it is illogical to compare India with economic giants like the UK in the future.