Same Sex Marriage – Article Example

The paper "Same-Sex Marriage" is a good example of a sociology article. Same-sex marriage refers to a union between two people of the same biological sex or gender (Ross 43). In her defense for the same-sex marriage in the Senate, Senator Diane J. Savino makes a passionate appeal to her colleagues as she explains fundamental sociological theories that explain the institution of a mirage in the society. Just as taught in this course, the female lawmaker observes that marriage is a union between two adults of sound mind. As such, the adults are therefore free to choose their life partners. She explains the cultural indoctrination of marriage in which for a long time, a marriage was a union between two people of different genders. However, she explains that culture is dynamic and cultures change the laws of the land should reflect the change thus protect the rights and freedoms of the people in the new structures. The increase in same-sex marriages is such a cultural change that requires effective integration in modern society. Homosexuals and lesbians in the society are people just like any other and should, therefore, enjoy equal rights as any other person in society. Proponents of the conflict theory argue that denying such groups of people the right to marry is a portrayal of reinforces the belief that gays and lesbians are in the second class and should not, therefore, enjoy equal rights and privileges as the heterosexuals in the same society. The functionalist theorist, on the other hand, investigates that ability of gay marriages to socialize, reproduce and create social equilibriums. Savino argues that the marriages provide the partners with social gratification and peace of mind and are therefore fulfilling just like any other heterosexual marriage.