The 6 Marketing Metrics Your CEO Actually Cares About – Article Example

The paper "The 6 Marketing Metrics Your CEO Actually Cares About" is a good example of a marketing article review.
Volpe authored the article that identifies some of the significant marketing metrics to organizations’ Chief executive officers. The primary issue in the article is an identification of important metrics for informative purpose with marketing managers and potential marketing managers as the audience. The title of the article and the content, which focuses on six metrics, show this. The author also explains the metrics, their computations, interpretations, and benchmarks, and suggests the significance of marketing metrics to chief executive officers and other managers in organizations.
The trend in the effectiveness of marketing metrics, cost of application of the metrics, and trend in usage of the metric by competitors are the salient factors to decision making. The trend in the effectiveness of the metrics is important in determining whether they are significant in the contemporary marketing environment. If not significant then a decision against their application is necessary. Cost of applying the metrics, which include data collection and cost of expertise, is another factor. This is because the metrics should only be used if they are cost effective. Usage by other players in the industry is also an important factor to decision making. A shift to alternative methods, for example, could indicate the emergence of better methods that an organization should adjust to, and means that a chief marketing officer should consider the alternatives.
The decision-making process that relies on marketing metrics could be expensive to implement. In addition, the process limits the creativity of marketing personnel and may not be sensitive to the contemporary marketing environment. Marketing chiefs should, therefore, rely on creativity and customers’ responses in making and reporting marketing decisions.