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10th November, 2008TOPIC 1: IMPEDIMENTS IN PEACE RESTORATION IN POST SADDAM IRAQThe Iraq war left Iraq in tatters in all aspects including economic, social, political, education as well as religious. The war left many people dead both in the military and the civilians. Some were left with injuries that changed their lives completely as a result of weapons of mass destruction used during the war. Families were also separated during the war (Gad, 2004). The humanitarian aid and the peace building program the Direct Aid Iraq (DAI) which is a program for restoration of peace in post Sadam Iraq have not been very much successful in their efforts to fully restore peace in the country which is healing from the consequences of war.

This essay focuses on the impediments in peace restoration and the possible solutions to overcome the impediments such as listening to Iraq rather than dictating on what to be done. First the health issue in Iraq is out of control the efforts of the humanitarian aid and the DIA are hampered greatly by this issue. It becomes quite difficult for the various programs by the federal government to assist Iraq recover from the war. The efforts of medical social work are essential among the affected Iraqis.

(Robert, 2000). However, the considerations and the responsibilities accomplished by the medical social workers may not be glamorous or newsworthy to the Iraqis. This is mainly because they fail to restore the lives of the people to normal. For example if one lost his sight during the war, nothing much can be done to restore it. Nevertheless the services offered by this group are essential in assisting people to maintain intact lives after the war.

Iraqis do not appreciate the close association that exist between peace restoration and medical social work which becomes a hindrance in preservation of peace (Dilip, 2003). Economic instability is a major impediment in peace restoration in Iraq. Despite the continued effort of the US government to assist Iraq to recover from the war, economic markets have not been fully restructured to meet the needs of people. This hampers the development in infrastructure with the greatest concern been the health care.

Economic impediment influences the process of peace restoration as it is the basic source of support to various sectors. Iraq’s situation remains far from their expectation. The International community and the US are faced by two major political forces in their efforts to restore peace in Iraq. One of these forces is internal. It should be noted that the after the US invaded Iraq, trust was eroded as the Iraqis suffered. It becomes difficult therefore to be able to cooperate with the Americans in restoration of peace program (Robert, 2000)The other political component that hinders peace restoration in Iraq is the relationship between the various groups in Iraq that is Saddam supporters and US supporters.

After the US succeeded in removing Saddam from power, its efforts were embraced by both the international body and the Iraqis themselves, however not all Saddam supporters were ready to surrender to the US and UN success.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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