System Analysis Design – Article Example

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The paper “ System Analysis Design” is an exceptional example of an assignment on information technology. System analysis is the breakdown of complex ideas into a more understandable concept that can be easily interpreted for efficiency. In lecture 2, the statistical of data provides facts, processed to give information which is structured to give knowledge providing wisdom for interpretation (Wasson, 2006). All these give a person with a strong argument about ideas and thus I would implement it directly into the system. In lecture 3, the idea of constraints helps an individual to program his or herself resources given that you are able to use your limited technology, costs managing time and accessing various opportunities, and the idea is best implemented in phased adoption so that it integrates into a person’ s life over the periods providing time for adjustments (Grady, 2006). In lecture 4 assignment 3, being in pairs and going through other groups work provides more knowledge and an individual is also able to determine your strength and weakness and improves in his systems study skills and should be implemented directly into the system analysis. In lecture 5, the model of language that a person uses is quite important as language is the basic form of communication (Wasson, 2006).

Having a good content, humor, simple, clear and imaginations provides confidence in the expression of ideas within the society. Its implementation should be done in a gradual process or as a pilot adoption into the system (Grady, 2006). In lecture 1, use of maps, charts, and diagrams provides an easier way of analysis and interpretation by an individual and thus a good tool into the system design.

The idea can be implemented through a parallel run as figures and facts also do give a good analysis thus maintaining the existing systems (Grady, 2006).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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