Software Engineering Technology by Jacobs – Article Example

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The paper "Software Engineering Technology by Jacobs " is a great example of an article on engineering and construction.   Jacobs, in this article, argues that engineering best practices have been acknowledged for several years, but a number of information and technology project managers and practitioners have not been exposed to good requirements engineering. He says that he has heard from many IT professionals that engineering requirements are difficult tasks. For example, he argues that it is so difficult for the requirement givers to articulate engineering requirements, both verbally and in writing, even if they know what they want, and it is also difficult for requirement receivers to comprehend what other engineering practitioners are trying to articulate (Jacobs 18).

He concludes this article by arguing that new business proposal managers, IT instructors, project managers, system engineers, and software project managers tend to overlook the engineering requirements from different perspectives. He recommends that clients and engineers should begin working together in order to understand each other’ s opinion to ensure effective requirements engineering. Development teams should also understand what they can or cannot build, and this is only attainable through client and developer teamwork.

Jacobs further asserts that seasoned IT professionals remember panicking moments when the requirements are overlooked, when customers despise their services, when customers staff frequently change requirements or fail to agree, when they fail to develop promised requirements, when estimates skew due to lack of understanding, and when all “ nice to have’ s” drive schedule and cost (Jacobs 23). Jacobs’ s article primarily describes strategies for managing and defining engineering requirements. It provides the meaning of engineering requirements, and how to describe usable requirements.

He presents that there are several tools such as databases, checklists, and requirements modeling for maintaining and defining requirements and that IT professionals should learn on how to select the best tools that keep things simple so that things do not get ugly (Jacobs 23).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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