Global Warming and Climate Change – Article Example

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The paper "Global Warming and Climate Change" is a wonderful example of an article on environmental studies. Global warming is currently one of the most difficult matters facing most leaders globally. In line with this issue, the New York Times had an article crafted on 1 of March 2012 raising the concern about global warming. The article was by the New York Times in New York City. The article was specifically published so that it could draw nearer the attention of the entire public to the global warming issue.

Cautions from various science-oriented groups and communities are becoming higher as they address verdicts associated with the emission of dangerous gases to the ozone layer. The emissions of these gases are due to the effects of the greenhouse. Releases of carbon IV oxide registered the highest amount in the year 2010. The situation has revealed that the effects might be more severe unless vital steps are taken (New York Times). Following research carried out by various groups of scientists globally, it was established that there is a constant rise in the emission of these gases.

The condition might end up destroying the natural resources like forests. Therefore, the scientists dread that the condition may become worse even to prevent some climatic changes in the near future. The author proceeds to insinuate that there are some of the hi-tech, social and opinionated issue that needs first to be resolved before any effort by the public can be applied. Considering that there has been worldwide economic reduced pace, necessary precautions ought to be taken abruptly to curb the situation.       The author still says that the United Nation has been at the forefront in finding the solution to this situation.

The organization has held talks with different nations worldwide in an effort to prevent and control the condition. This is evident from the various agreements signed by various countries, to talk about the worldwide climatic alter and its consequences. Among the agreements signed is the “ United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (New York Times). ” Several conferences have been held to discuss on the way forward in solving this issue of global warming, but yet no promising results have been observed.

More concern has been raised, particularly on how the developing countries can be enlightened on how to protect the natural resources from the effect of global warming (New York Times). The issue of industrialization has been discussed in details during the conferences. Therefore, it has been established that most industrialized nation takes the greatest share in hazard gases emission cases. This is exhibited in the way most industrial activities results in the release of venomous gases to the ozone layer.

These countries have been severally advised to find healthier means and ways of releasing those gases rather than to the ozone layer. Additionally, most of the developing countries have continually used peril ways of getting energy. This has led to a condition that has posed a serious menace to the entire community and the surrounding environment. This has resulted from malpractices, such as cutting down trees and burning them to get charcoal. This has then posed a challenge during the conferences and seminars held supported by the United Nations.

There seems to be no relevant approach and ways out in assisting these nations to solve the problem. To add on the list, from various conferences held, political issues and matter have always been prioritized, and the issues that concern the climate receiving less concern. As a result, no significant positive impact has been put on the climate. The discussion has resulted in misunderstanding amongst the member countries. The deprived countries have come out strongly in airing their grievances, which they argue that they are being abandoned as the superior countries struggle for most significant economic powers (New York Times).

Finally, disapproval has also been there during the major meeting held occasionally. This has significantly been from small but voiced groups of people. They refute the fact that most human activities are significantly having negative effects on the climate. Therefore, they are against the global endeavor to deal with these human activities. This has been one of the major hindrances in finding out solutions in curbing the effects of global warming on the entire globe.

From many types of research and findings done, it is extremely clear and evident that global warming effects are rampant, and leaving severe to the environment that we leave on. Some effects are immediate, and others are long-standing with the consequences being anticipated to have greater impacts later in the future. Therefore, it is vitally significant everyone takes the necessary precautions before the onset of the crisis.    

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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