The Dynamics of Change in Public Agencies and Organizations by Antwain T. Leach – Article Example

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The paper "The Dynamics of Change in Public Agencies and Organizations by Antwain T. Leach" is a good example of an article on social science. Public organizations are essential components of the federal government. Public agencies both affect and are affected by society. While there exists a common perception that public organizations change along with the change in society, this is often not the case with the American public organizations. This article explains the process of change of public organizations and the way it benefits society. The Obama administration has adopted human rights as one of the fundamental elements of America's foreign policy which has had far-reaching effects on the policies.

Public organizations also feel the pressure to change from society. This is apparent from the way gay rights movement has affected the policies in several areas in America. Increased awareness about the government agencies has made members of the public organizations more critical of the governmental policies. The effect of globalization on traditional practices is also facilitating change in public organizations. Globalization challenges the traditional hierarchical system and imparts the need for the public organizations to be less commanding and more persuading.

Public organizational managers need to consider international perspectives during strategic planning. They should also try to establish new partnerships with other entities, especially with business. This would help them change along with globalization and also enable them to produce was real how to be in a position to offer effective leadership. Developments within society affect public organizations in internal ways. Leadership has lately changed from a hierarchical system to an experience that is more systems oriented.

The effects of technology on business practices is yet another factor that imparts a need for public organizations to change.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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