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RISE OF MICHAEL JORDAN AND DECLINE OF POP HERRING Lake Thomas portrays two major characters from a different perspectivein his work; did this man really cut Michael Jordan. He tries to depict the link which exists between Michael Jordan and Pop Herring based on their traits to illustrate a theme of hard work and persistence, luck and adversity in the society. For example, in this society hailing from tobacco region tolerance and persistence is what should be inculcated in real life situation. From his early life, Jordan pushed hard to be recognized and appreciated.

Woke up early to the gym for practices; it was not a practice which was to be ever changed in the entire life. He consistently got support from Herring who could pass by Michael’s house every morning. It was basically a routine which Michael adopted and perfected in his entire life. Mr Herring knew how important a coach can be; it is a trait which he adopted from his own coach, Earl. When the infamous roster mushroomed 33 years ago it got some of the boys off guard.

For those whose luck was positive ululated about the information contained in the list. Michael’s close friend is happy to have featured in the anticipated list; the main reason for his own selection was his height advantage. Unfortunately, Michael did not appear in the list, this became a detrimental moment in his life and he held almost everybody accountable for his misfortunes. The head decision maker loved his boys which made it even harder to gauge the selection criteria. The way in which he associated with them was a major signal on how close they were in his life.

For example, he spent six days in week training with them or he could share a slice of potato pie which was made by his wife. He was nicknamed Pop, an utter of his name could trigger some reactions from other trainers; he was only 28 years when he led the team. Over the next three decades Jordan became devastated and held almost everybody to account for his misfortune. The aspect of him not appearing in the final team list was a blow; typically the pain infringed by this was huge such that he saw everybody as an enemy.

This pain pushed him to play hard to gain recognition in the school; the jayvee team became a major phenomenon in the school from the motivations these boys had gotten from Michael. Unlike Pop who had gone to college on a sports scholarship Michael was in the school struggling to fit in the college team; this ambition in the start seemed elusive as he on most occasions missed out. It was a fight which he brings out by involving a coach who passes at his home every morning.

There is a big distinction between Michael’s life and Pop’s in the sports section of life. For example Pop never really struggled to achieve what he ever wanted in life while on the other hand Michael continuously pushed himself to fit into his ambitions. It is the fights which are depicted in here that eventually lead to a break through. Pop later develops into a helpless man in the street begging and in company of other beggars who clutch at any opportunity they get.

Eventually there lies a great distinction between these two stars. However, the difference emanates on the period each became a star on their own. Luck is one of the considerations which might have brought out the success in the two individuals. Both Pop and Michael hailed from common backgrounds who were always struggling in the society. Pop experiences a problem which leads to his dropping out on his job. The mental complications he develops leads to his admission in the hospital. It is the misunderstandings between Pop and the school authorities that they weigh their options on whether to retain him or let him go.

However, Pop is replaced with different coach who later features in a documentary in place of Pop. The misfortunes in Pop’s life do not end there. His mother in the hospital passes on after a long suffering. Pop is also abandoned by his family, the wife claims that she is no longer able to live with him; his arrogance and deeds push her out of the relationship. Michael later on a certain occasion comes looking for Pop in his town, which can be described as a secret free environment because almost each person is known.

The size of the locality is depicted as a place where a movement from one corner of the town to another will entail the whole town. Michael gets Pop in a dire situation; his clothes are explained as tattered and shambled in a manner to suggest that he no longer appreciates himself (Lake 56). This section brings out a clear picture of a rising star and a declining star.

At one moment in time Michael was the one struggling to be at the cream under the watch of Pop who is now in a sorry and disillusioned state. The next day when Michael comes to pick him for a ride through town he dresses in nicer clothes. The Juxtaposition of little Michael who could not manage to join the varsity team and Herring as a coach who eventually lost everything is depicted by the author to illustrates that luck may have played a big role in both their careers.

For instance Michael was very lucky to be helped each day by Earl in practice. The rising star of Michael is not just a matter of confidence, he was not the best player in the team yet he turns up being the most famous all is explained by the luck. Works citedLake, Thomas. Did This Man Really Cut Michael Jordan? New York: W.W. Norton & Co, 2012.

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