Is Facebook Growing Too Fast – Article Example

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The paper "Is Facebook Growing Too Fast? " is a great example of a business article review. The online service Facebook is expected to reach 200 million users soon and unlike when the inventors celebrated their 100 million users, they feel that rather than celebrating they should be improving the system. The founder Mark Zuckerman and his staff indicate that even though they are now spreading to many other countries and are keeping up with other popular services such as Twitter, they plan to continue focusing on connecting people across the globe so that people can benefit more personally. Facebook has been very good for people finding long-lost, or even previously unknown, family members as exampled by one mother outside Tel Aviv who has found family members all over the world.

Facebook has also been helpful in organizing large social gatherings. As Zuckerberg says, Facebook’ s mission is that everyone in the world can use it to share information. But as Facebook moves ahead it also faces challenges that must be met. A major challenge is a large number of users who were against the new design of the site.

Facebook executives felt that they were making it easier to share information, but users felt it was making them too public. Members of the Facebook community feel so invested in the company that they think they should be listened to when Facebook is making such changes. However, it is difficult to please a large number of Facebook users. An attempt was made to compromise with the users. The executives claim that they cannot please everyone and they are not operating a democracy; therefore the public needs to trust that they are competent enough to build the site appropriately. One of the marvels of Facebook is that it has contradicted a major sociological phenomenon by connecting so many people from every different social background.

Facebook is said to have achieved critical mass.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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