Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Kids by Anna Quindlen – Article Example

The paper "Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Kids by Anna Quindlen" is a worthy example of an article on sociology. In Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Kids, Anna Quindlen tries to appeal to her audience by showing a side of America that most middle-class Americans would never have even heard of. For many low-class citizens, having the luxury to live where you want is only just a dream. The author exemplifies this with the story of three mothers who live in the Bronx. All of these women want to move out of the shelter that has been provided for them, yet they are also grateful for where they are currently living. Stories of the homeless in America have always caught the attention of the news media. In fact, a solution to the housing difficulties of the lower classes was provided: affordable housing. The only problem is that the hourly income needed to afford an average apartment is more than twice the minimum wage. Most of these poorer citizens struggle to make much more than the minimum wage in some instances. A consequence of this, and this also goes for regular Americans, is that most people cannot afford to live in a house in the same area as their workplace. The only way to give homeless people a helping hand is to provide training and education so that they can acquire the skills necessary to look after themselves in the world. Sadly, it is left up to non-profit organizations to take care of those in need. The majority of Americans do not even begin to understand the complexity of the problem.