The Role of Women in the Economic Growth of the US – Article Example

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The paper "The Role of Women in the Economic Growth of the US " is an outstanding example of a business article. The role of women in the economic growth of the US is increasing. Over a quarter of the wealth of the world is created and influenced by women. Women in the US have decision-making power exceeding 11 USD Trillion. This article presents an interview with the economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett and offers an insight into the role of women in the economy today. Sylvia Ann Hewlett, the founding president of the Center for Talent Innovation says that women need their financial resources aligned with the purpose of their lives and have no financial advisors as such.

A study revealed that women entrepreneurs firstly did not have financial advisors, and those that had financial advisors, felt that their financial advisors did not understand them well. Women in the US who inherit wealth make wonderful philanthropists unlike women in countries like China. There is traditional role-playing surrounding the economy in the US. Hearland American women are comfortable with making decisions and controlling the money.

There exists a dichotomy between the widows and wives and the women that earn money themselves. Women have a tendency to use their money not only to achieve their personal goals but also make a positive difference in society by contributing to the expansion of diversity e. g. increased representation of women in leadership. In order to be able to achieve their optimal satisfaction and potential, it is imperative that women are treated and perceived as serious and capable professionals. If women are respected and trusted as investors, it would have a positive effect on the economy.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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