Edge City Irvine by Joel Garreau – Article Example

The paper "Edge City Irvine by Joel Garreau " is a delightful example of an article on English. In his essay about edge cities, Joel Garreau describes a development phenomenon that began in the past and continues to influence the future of American advancement, particularly Irvine in Southern California. He highlights that the suburb transformed into a unique city which is free from outdated cultures. In that, the new city comprises of a combination of residential, retail, commercial areas, and improved infrastructure which never existed in the past. Furthermore, he suggests that this is an inevitable adjustment that makes life easier. Even though the developments should be counter checked because they may confuse the populace. To justify the point, Garreau describes points of conflict in regard to human identity and way of life. Hence, the ideas are necessary for comprehending the contemporary American way of life. Through the essay, Garreau analyzes edge city in comparison to major concerns in the American society. This entails social class, politics, transportation, and institutions. In addition, he examines the conflicting people’s thoughts and fears on compatibility with the common community concepts, personal space, and development. Up to this, Garreau points out that edge cities promote logic of well-planned community, nonetheless, there is a cost. In addition, the cities provide a sense of individualism and personal freedom which are important for fostering human perspective. Moreover, edge cities are criticized as unhealthy and undesirable. This is because it is based on market capitalist approach and failure to consider the various social classes and income disparities of the Americans. Therefore, it locks out the low-income earners. In conclusion, Joel Garreau asserts that it is imperative to take note of needs of both the present and future generations in pursuit of sustainable development.