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HORMONES DOPING IN SPORTSAbstractHormones are the essential chemical elements in the body. The blood is the reservoir of the hormones that run through our body and our responsible for many changes that occur in the body because of the many hormonal actions. The changes include increase in growth, height, neural responses, changes in the behavior and many other changes related to the body functions. The functioning of the hormones is age related. As the age increases the functioning and effectiveness of the hormones decreases, as it occurs in the aging process. In the modern age of biotechnology, the hormones, proteins, are being produced in the labs as they are produced in the human body.

These natural products in many cases are the drugs to many diseases. These are thereby available over the counters easily. There is a human urge of keeping on the top and keeping young and active for life. This urge is specifically higher in sportspersons. We are very well aware of the doping in the sportspersons. The term doping means the intake of the medicines or the drugs that enhance their bodily functions as strength, stamina, energy and growth of the muscles.

The increase in the strength, stamina and the muscular strength gives an advantage to the doping sportsperson over the other sportsperson. Therefore it is considered to be illegal for use. There is a list of doping substances that has been issued and particularly banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This list is published annually and is being distributed all around the world to the sports doctor to be updated. Keywords: hormones; doping; World Anti-Doping Agency. THE WORLD ANTI-DOPING AGENCY (WADA) Doping is one problem that is uprising as the time passes in the sportsperson.

It has been there in the field d of sports since many years. It is being tried to control since years but the race does not seem to stop. It seems to increase day by day (1). The increase in the strength, stamina and the muscular strength are the factors that make the sportspersons survive the competition that they have to face on the daily basis. But as far as the hormones are concerned there efficiency dies with the increase in age.

It worries the sportspersons. Additionally the hormones work in a limited way. The hormones will increase the strength of the body to the limit to which it is required; the muscular strength will be increased to the limit to which is required. However in the filed of sports, constant strength is required as the sportspersons have to compete and the workout for longer periods of times as compared to the normal people. For that, the hormones do not seem to help the sport persons. Extreme levels of strength are required in the case of the sportspersons and that is gained by in taking the artificially prepared medicines or hormones for gaining of strength (2). HISTORICAL ASPECT OF DOPINGThe Olympics first started in Greece and than continued to make the progress in the whole world.

Inviting more and more sportspersons from all over the world to compete in more than hundred kinds of games. Since the Olympics have come known to the people, since than the doping is going on (1). The sports persons are looking for ways to increase the strength in artificial ways.

The history shows that the pre historic sportsperson were used to eating figs to increase there artificial strength in the Greco roman times.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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