The Saints and the Roughnecks – Article Example

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The paper "The Saints and the Roughnecks" is a great example of an article review on social science. The article on Roughnecks and Saints created a general perspective of the modern day clicks and gangs. The two groups had similar behavior and character but different motives behind their existence in gangs. The community also viewed the two groups differently. The title Saints strikes as a group of young people obliged to do well in the community. From this name, one could clearly not judge them to have been full of unethical behavior.

On the other hand, the Roughnecks name ignited a bad reputation on this particular group. This title makes it easier for a person to judge the nature of activities the group indulges in. Regardless of their bad behavior the Saints had the will and need to be successful people and many people viewed their behavior as a stage that most teenagers go through. Roughnecks, on the other hand, were viewed as teenagers with a bad future since they could not balance effectively taking part in their activities and doing well in school and staying away from police custody. From the groups, one could easily argue that the perception of the people could be easily shaped by how well one displays themselves in public.

Chambliss says that despite the difference between Roughnecks and the Saints, both groups were involved in delinquent behaviors (24). The article also argues that a lot of persons are involved in crimes for fame whilst others are not aware of their gradual inclusion in these groups. However, the same can be referred to as a ritual in the course of a youth’ s life, probably due to excitement and adventure (Chambliss, 25). Chambliss says this behavior can be curbed through means such as labeling, and punishment that reduce chances of children indulging in delinquent behaviors (31).

Article 2The article on Anna and Isabella revolves around mental development in children. Anna had a less initial capacity as compared to Isabella (Kingsley, 45). This was the cause of the fact that Isabella gained mental stability faster than Anna. However, Isabella had access to quality medication which Anna did not have.

This may be the reason as to why Isabella had more success in achieving her mental prowess. From the article one can clearly understand the consequences of raising a child in a lonely environment (Kingsley, 24). Children need an environment with a lot of examples of what they need to do in life, for instance, speech and hearing. However, this can be achieved without much influence but the rate at which a child acquires these skills may be slower.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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