Social Psychology In The Work Place- Goverment Agency – Article Example

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What are the social psychological effects of a minority group in a government agency? IntroductionSocial psychology basically entails the relationships which people have created either in the workplace, community or an institution. Psychologists in this sociology field tend to investigate various social psychological effects that people undergo while working in such environments. These effects may include aspects such as decision making, cooperation, changes in attitude, competition, communication and leadership. Some psychologists including the renowned American social psychologist, Festinger Leon, have developed theories that suggest that minority groups become uneasy when they learn things that contradict what they believe in already.

There are social psychological effects that minority groups as opposed to majority groups undergo while serving in government agencies. This research project will therefore try to examine these social psychological effects with relevance to those people who are considered as minority in such organizations. The minority group may be those people with disabilities, different gender, race, educational level, age etc. Literature reviewThe society has however changed in the current 21st century and there is more to do with governance, harassment, cultural conflicts, terrorism, leadership, technology, innovation and globalization.

Society is today more mixed up than before thus posing a challenge to the organizations and more so when addressing the needs of the minority groups. Minority groups are more disadvantaged today than in the past due to issues of leadership, discrimination and equality. (Dion and Walster, 1972)Although there has been an improvement in gender disparities in the recent past, research has indicated that there other issues that minority groups face in any environment of work such as discriminations based on religion, age, disability, education, lifestyle, race, among others.

These issues are more pronounced in a government agency setting where the leaders and administrators sing to the tune of the government in power. More people have suffered at the hands of unscrupulous government officials working in these agencies thus making the section one of the most affected compared to non-governmental agencies and private firms. Minority groups therefore undergo various social psychological effects that other people in the same government agencies do not. One of these psychological effects is discrimination. (Tejfel, 1970)Social psychological effects of a minority group in government agenciesDiscriminationDiscrimination of any type is one of the social psychological effects that minority groups undergo in a government agency and it may include unfair dismissal of an employee because of their sexuality, sex, background, religion or disability is deemed to be unlawful dismissal and it is punishable by law for any government.

But this is one of the common things that happen to minority groups in such an environment. People are clearly discriminated on when it comes to issues of pay rise, promotions, allowances and other benefits entitled to people (Dion and Walster, 1972).

If for instance one do not support the government polices that are applied there, there are chances that he or she will be dismissed or taken to task over the matter. The common phrase ‘who do you know? ’ is a common statement that minority group in many government agencies have been forced to hear. (Tejfel, 1970)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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