Crucial Secrets of Reference Checking – Article Example

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The paper "Crucial Secrets of Reference Checking" is an exceptional example of an article review on human resources. Browne (2014), in an article titled 5 Crucial Secrets of reference checking, presents a case in point for a potential employer who successfully qualified for a job, only to wait without any appointment for an interview because her former employer did not respond through social media reference checking. Notably, communication has been transformed into the current era of social media and social networking. Principally, a message through social media entails the use of an online platform or website that enables people to engage for social purposes and offer opportunities for people to interact over the internet.   According to Melhuish (2013), social media has grown to appoint that most employers now use it in reference check on their employees.

While some have found it an essential tool for recruitment; nonetheless, it remains controversial as to whether it is a fair using social media in reference checking.       Undeniably, there are advantages in using social media for reference checks.   According to Melhuish (2013), social media website offer recruiters and potential employers a valuable insight into a potential candidate’ s daily life.

Additionally, profiles explicitly show months and years of the information that gives a complete image of a potential candidate’ s personal trait, values, as well as professionalism. Moreover, it offers speed, efficiency, and the ability to target specific candidates. Conversely, there are disadvantages associated with the practice. First, there are ethical and legal questions of privacy raised about social media reference checks. Second, the employers may open themselves to discrimination, for instance, using social media to communicate vacancies could potentially discriminate against those who are not on social media (Broughton, Foley, Ledermair & Cox, 2013).

In conclusion, Social Media offers an excellent opportunity for conducting a reference check on potential employees, but no doubt it is unchecked therefore prone to abuse.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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