Smoking During Pregnancy – Article Example

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The paper "Smoking During Pregnancy" is a worthy example of an article review on health sciences& medicine. The article was published in the Science Daily on the 17th of October 2014. The article centers on adverse effects of smoking among pregnant women as well as its effects stress responses in newborns. The topic is very important to public health because smoking during pregnancy is associated with a number of adverse impacts on the unborn babies. Research has shown that babies of mothers who smoke in pregnancy have levels of stress hormones, the response to stress is reduced and the gene regulating the passage of stress hormones from the mother to the fetus is altered.

There also statistical figures showing that in every ten pregnant women in the US, one is smoking despite the known health risks associated with it and warnings by medical professionals. This leads to the birth of children who cannot mount enough response when faced with daily stressors which are very detrimental to the children. The statistics show that behavior is more prevalent in mothers who are younger, economically poor and underserved. I find this article very interesting because of the information it makes available regarding the relationship between smoking among pregnant women and stress response in their babies.

The researchers were able to study smoking women and their babies during and after pregnancy to come up with their findings. They went ahead to study the genetics of the behavior and link alterations in the hormones responsible for the regulation of exchange of stress hormones between the mother and child to smoking in pregnancy. Some demographics are also given which show that the behavior is more prevalent in younger and poor women who are underserved.

It, therefore, provides very important information with far-reaching policy implications.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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