Shoud Caster Semenya Have to Undergo Gender Tests – Article Example

The paper "Should Caster Semenya Have to Undergo Gender Tests" is an outstanding example of a sports article. Mokgadi Caster Semenya’s victory in the 800 meters race made her the talk of virtually all media after critics began questioning her sexuality. The South African athlete underwent a humiliating period as the possibility of sex confirmation tests being conducted on her became the topic of discussion globally. Much of the mainstream media has supported the idea of Semenya undergoing gender tests. However, one wonders why this issue was never raised before winning the gold medal in Berlin. Karenga (2009 p 1) supposes that were it not for her victory, there could have been no reason for her to undergo the sex verification. The International Association of Athletics Foundations failed fans as well as Ms. Semenya. This is because the suitability of Ms. Semenya to participate in the sport should have been evaluated before the international competition. The athlete’s self-definition made her believe that she was female. Having no expertise in human anatomy or gynecology, she could not have considered the technical aspects that experts later revealed regarding her hidden male characteristics. As Karenga (2009 p 1) observes, the process was a violation of the athlete’s rights to protection from forceful medical procedures. There was a predetermined notion that the athlete had hidden masculine characteristics. In other words, the test was done to confirm the masculinity of African athletes, an opinion that has been held in the history of the Olympics (Karenga 2009 p 2). It was a violation of individual rights. The publicity that the issue had acquired should have caused restraint in IAAF about the decision for the sex verification, which could have been significant in protecting the athlete’s dignity, right to self-definition and sense of her own identity. Instead, the decision was made and implemented soon after, which demonstrated the excitement in asserting the claims that Semenye had hidden masculine aspects that would be used as the basis for invalidating her victory. The test was disenchanting to other female athletes and should never have been carried out.