Self-Leadership: Road to Personal Excellence by Topper – Article Example

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The paper "Self-Leadership: Road to Personal Excellence by Topper" is a great example of a management article review. One of the qualities of a great leader that comes in mind after going through the article is having the ability to make a decision on where you desire to go and knowing how to get that destination. Once the leader decides where to go, other people will follow the same direction. A great leader has the spirit of motivating people. Leaders should motivate people to venture into what they have always wanted to do and to help them move ahead to fulfill their goals and objectives.

Great leaderships entails capability to come up with ideas and experimenting them. According to the article, a great leader should put in practice all ideas that he or she has come up with (Topper, 2009). A great leader leads by example. The behavior and actions of the leader should be in line with what he wants other people to do; otherwise, people will not follow him. Great leaders volunteer to be the first by taking initiative.

This involves being daring; brave, fearless, and willing to fall down and stand up again to move on to achieve the goal. Another quality of a great leader is being humble. This is by the leader accepting to go before others because it is also a way of leading. A great leader is always optimistic. This is evidenced by having zero tolerance for lack of enthusiasm and always hoping for great achievements (Topper, 2009). This research article has transformed my viewpoint about leadership in general. The article has also improved my self-leadership skills.

The article has covered all qualities that make a great leader. The article has provided all rules of self-leadership. These rules cuts across all aspects that a person needs to develop or improve self-leadership skills. The list of rules by Topper in 2009, cut across all requirements that a person needs to nurture self-leadership skills.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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