Roaring Tigers, Anxious Choppers by Nancy Gibbs – Article Example

The paper "Roaring Tigers, Anxious Choppers by Nancy Gibbs" is a delightful example of a sociology article. In her article, Nancy Gibbs review a new book written by Amy Chua on parenting. She talks of how Chua has distinguished between Asian parents and American parent. These two cultures have a different way of bringing up children as observed by Chua (Gibbs, 2011). While Asian parents are tough and strict such that she refers to them as “tiger mom” American parents are lenient and protective of their children. She refers to them as helicopter parents as they sweep their children’s paths before them. Asian and American parents despite using different parenting methods have one thing in common. Both parents have a goal and objective of seeing their child succeed. These parents have also been accused of treating their children in a manner to suggest they are an extension of them. In doing this both parenting methods push their children into becoming what they are. This happens more so in schooling and when it comes to making important career choices in life. These parents are obsessed in ensuring that their children follow a path that they themselves followed. Children are rewarded for anything that they do successfully to an extent that it becomes hard for teachers as their efforts are hindered by parents. Asian “tiger” parents are so tough on their children such that it is seen as if it becomes forced labor. Due to the harsh conditions of the region, Asian parents will push their children to perform to their ultimate capability. American parents, on the other hand, have discovered that their children will hate them despite what they do. The book written by Chua entitled battle hymn of the tiger mother is controversial in the manner in which it tends to shoot straight facts about the society. This has led to the book receiving both positive and negative comments (Gibbs, 2011). However, one thing is clear, with close analysis one comes to agree with the thinking of Chua. Some of the readers out rightly differ from the hypothesis of Chua, though after close examination they get her point. One of the points that have been so touchy especially on “chopper” parents is the assertion that they behave the way they do because they fear failure. They want their children to perform and achieve better than everyone else. Parenting in the 21st century has now become a competition (Chua, 2011). Every parent is preparing their child to be best at a certain field. This has become so toxic to a level that it is detrimental to the growth and development of the children. Children are now forced to take on hobbies that their parents prefer and deem to be “cool” so as to give themselves online talking points. The two systems of parenting produce different minds. In her book, Chua notes that the Asian tiger mom kills creativity and innovation in their children by being so tough. The other system “American” on the other end could produce a disrespectful and irresponsible child. Chua notes that parenting should not be taken as a puzzle to be solved but rather as painting a picture. One can only know how the picture looks like after it is done (Chua, 2011).