Bachli Approach to Globalization – Article Example

The paper "Bachli Approach to Globalization" is a great example of a business article review. The paper is related to the presentation about globalization that is made by F.E. Bachli.  His approach to globalization is presented in 6 principles that mainly focus on the importance of understanding globalization by in-depth determination of the different components of the concept and the different dynamics and parameters that affect the effects of globalization in the society.  There are different lessons that can be learned from the presentation made my Bachli.  One is the importance of understanding the different components of the business environment specifically the components that can be controlled. By being able to enhance and develop the controllable forces such as the people, the capital and the raw materials, and studying the trends of the uncontrollable forces, the firm or company can survive and achieve success through the process of globalization.  The most interesting lesson of the presentation is principle 4 which gives importance to the manpower.  According to the principle, it is important to invest in the employees to be able to gain horsepower or force to succeed. This is true since it is one of the controllable forces and the company or firm needs to recognize and utilize in the achievement of the company’s goals and mission. The PowerPoint presentation by Bachli affirms the importance of manpower. Thus, I have learned that for a company to succeed it is important to value the employees because compared to other controllable resources, manpower can also help in the different levels of planning for the achievement of goals specifically the foundation phase, the strategic development phase, and the implementation phase. When the management recognizes and made use of this capability of the employees, it can tap the views and opinions of the employees regarding the different steps of strategic planning, thus, having a collaborative and motivated process within the company. Lastly, though I have learned a lot regarding the diagrams presented by Bachli, I would like to inquire on the main basis of Bachli’s principles since all six of them are very similar to each other.