The Body in Hollywood Slapstick – Article Example

The paper "The Body of Hollywood Slapstick" is a good example of an article on visual arts and film studies. In his article “Introduction: The Body in Hollywood Slapstick”, Alex Clayton introduces the body of Hollywood Slapstick in a convincing manner and the author pays close and sustained attention to the body as a medium of expression. However, the author particularly explores the deployment and presentation of the body in the Hollywood genre of slapstick comedy. Although the various parts of the article deal with the important aspects of the body in Hollywood Slapstick, what struck me most in this article is the section ‘Film and the Physicality of Physical Comedy’. “The body is a natural subject for the film because of the photographic basis of its visual field. For the medium of film, as distinct from other narrative arts such as literature or animation, the body is not described or drawn but photographed and projected. The directness of this process might lead us to say that in movies the human figure is not so much represented as presented.” (Clayton, 11) Therefore, the author offers a convincing discussion of the body in Hollywood Slapstick which helps the readers to realize the physicality of physical comedy, in particular. As the author maintains, the exploration of how the body is presented and deployed in the genre of Hollywood slapstick, and by evoking the detail of performance, one can understand how the condition embodiment constitutes one of the genre’s major subjects. In short, the article “Introduction: The Body in Hollywood Slapstick” can be best realized as an apt introduction to the book The Body of Hollywood Slapstick.